Cedar Fencing

We stick build every fence and use only the finest Architecturally Clear Western Red Cedar. There are no pre-made sections as everything is build on-site. There are many styles available to suit your needs. Freeman Fence, Inc. (Roger Freeman) is one of the very few fence companies to have passed the Western Red Cedar Associations certification test. He is an expert on cedar grading and selecting the grades for your application. Unlinke any other fence material on the market western red cedar in the Architect Clear grade offers the following advantages:

  • Renewable, Recyclables, Biodegradable, Grows with Solar Energy
  • Lowest emission of green house gases
  • Great beauty and dimensional stability
  • Long lasting
  • Best fence for noise insulation and absorption
  • Tree baffles can be incorporated to work around trees that may otherwise impede the fence line. See options below C-0701-T, C-0702-T  and C-0703-T
  • With 149,000,000 acres in BC, Canada less than 2% is harvested per year and more trees are planted than cut

All of Freeman Fences Western Cedar Boards are Architect Clear and are stick built board by board. All nails are Stainless Steel. We do not allow any galvanized or aluminum nails.